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Set goals and make a plan

With classes and personalized attention, you can set specific goals and meet with a trainer to reach them, plus we'll help you maintain all the progress you make.

Take a 1-hour class three times a week 

Each class focuses on Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility and Muscular Strength & Endurance. These full-body workouts build your body and improves your health teaching various forms and techniques depending on the class, while providing up to an 800 calorie burn or more if you're pushing yourself more. 

Join the community

The more active members are in our Facebook group, in RFC events and within the RFC community, the better they are at reaching their goals. When you declare what you will do and celebrate each other's achievements the motivation is palpable. This support system from instructors and other members keeps you accountable and excited about your workout! 


** For full gym access, Optimal Gym charges and additional $20, but this is optional.